Artificial grass

Sport areas

Artificial grass for different types of ball games. Our products are quality and health friendly tested with no negative influence on humans body. The german producing company belongs to one of prominent producers in the world, which is dealing with the production and developing for more then 25 years. These artificial grass kinds are installed on many well-knowned football stadiums in the West Europe and the rest of the world, which only certify its high quality level.


The artificial grass (its 3rd generation) for the football game satisfies the FIFA requirements. The filling of this kind of grass is a combination of dried silicic sand and a rubber granulate (the standart SBR - black, RPU - brown and green, EPDM - green, TPE S - green)





The artificial grass for tennis courts is very popular for its long durability and low operating costs. The artificial grass VHAF® NottsSward® have been classified by the international tennis federation as a category of medium surface (type 2). This artificial grass comparing to the other ones offers except the basic red - green colour the combination of another 13 kinds of colours.


Multipurpose areas

Multipurpose sport areas offer the possibility to use just one site for more sport kinds: handball, tennis, streetball, golf, hockeyball, volleyball, minifootball.



We are using our artificial grass for installing putting greens, driving ranges as well as for recreational mini golf sites.